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Kylie Tutterrow is the editor of the Opinion section. She is a junior political science major from Spartanburg, South Carolina.

Letter from your Opinion Editor

Kylie Tutterrow, Opinion Editor July 1, 2024

Hey guys! My name is Kylie, and I’m the current Opinion Editor here at The Tiger. I am a junior political science major from Spartanburg, South Carolina. I’ve been a part of The Tiger since August...

Your guide to rushing a sorority

Anne Marie Lessig, Multimedia Personality July 1, 2024

For all those looking to rush a sorority at Clemson, this survival guide is a necessity to keep stress levels low come fall in Tigertown. Recruitment registration is open from June 25 through Aug. 1, and...

Gen eds help to provide a more well-rounded education for each student and also allow them to explore other areas of interest.

The 411 on 1010s: Clemson’s best gen eds

Abigail Suggs, Senior Reporter July 1, 2024

Preparing for freshman year may feel like a constant barrage of checklists: a list of dorm necessities, a list of potential clubs to join, a list of student traditions to complete. Although many of those...

This years orientation guide serves as an overview of the important information all freshmen should know before August.

From the Editor’s Desk: Welcome Class of 2028

Caroline Block, Editor-in-Chief July 1, 2024

Dear Class of 2028, Congratulations and welcome to Clemson! I’m so honored to have the opportunity to introduce you to this wonderful campus and all the traditions that are part of being a Clemson...

Living on your own can come with its challenges along with its typically discussed benefits.

Jordon: About living alone as a young adult

Mariah Jordon, Podcast Editor April 25, 2024

It can seem scary to finally take the big, first step to move out of your parents’ house and go to college. This experience can seem daunting yet exciting since you're leaving a place where your parents...

Finals burnout can be stressful for many students around the end of the spring semester, but with the right approach, this burnout can be manageable.

Peck: Finals burnout can be manageable

Natalie Peck, Columnist April 25, 2024

The end of the semester is around the corner, and motivation among students is quickly depleting. With exams and projects piling up in the final weeks, the burnout that most students feel at the end of...

Monarch butterflies are one of many species on the list of South Carolina endangered species.

Pepe: The Endangered Species Act is failing

Sarah Pepe, Senior Reporter April 25, 2024

The Endangered Species Act is failing at its primary job: recovering species. In South Carolina, officials are voting on a bill to shut off public access to records that show the location of rare plants...

Use the time that you have left in your college experience to truly get the most out of the resources Clemson has to offer.

Akers: What you should know before you graduate

Madison Akers, Senior Reporter April 25, 2024

There’s nothing more exciting than the anticipation of walking across that stage in the Littlejohn Coliseum. Whether you’re graduating in 2024 or have a few more years to go, it’s important to know...

Graduating students shared their advice as they reflected on their time at the University.

Speak Up!: ‘What’s a piece of advice you wish you heard when you first came to college?’

Kylie Tutterrow, Opinion Editor April 25, 2024

“Speak Up!” is a weekly collection of student opinions on relevant topics around campus. The Tiger interviews randomly selected students to hear their thoughts on the question at hand. This week,...

The Tiger on production night discussing the upcoming print issue.

Tiger’s Two Cents: ‘How do I join The Tiger?’

Kylie Tutterrow, Opinion Editor April 25, 2024

Joining The Tiger is a relatively easy process and unique to you based on your interest and ideal commitment level. We have many different ways to get involved, including our newsroom writers, communication,...

Congratulations to the Class of 2024!

From the Editor’s Desk: Congratulations, Class of 2024

Caroline Block, Editor-in-Chief April 25, 2024

Though it seems hard to believe, we’ve already reached the end of the semester and the most bittersweet time of the year: graduation. All of the late-night study sessions, hours in Cooper Library...

Clemson University and the community around it have changed a lot over the years, but the beauty of the area is a constant.

Glenn: Clemson’s evolution during my time as a student

Corey Glenn, Senior Reporter April 25, 2024

As my time draws to a finish here in Tigertown, I often find myself wandering around stomping grounds, new and old, reminiscing about days past. I also find my mind wandering, noticing the changes, cataloging...

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