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Finals burnout can be stressful for many students around the end of the spring semester, but with the right approach, this burnout can be manageable.

Peck: Finals burnout can be manageable

Natalie Peck, Columnist April 25, 2024

The end of the semester is around the corner, and motivation among students is quickly depleting. With exams and projects piling up in the final weeks, the burnout that most students feel at the end of...

The hard pill to swallow is that just because we grow, it doesn’t mean our friends do too.

Akers: You might be outgrowing a friend and that’s okay

Madison Akers, Asst. Opinion Editor February 22, 2024

One minute, you’re hanging out with them every day, sharing every ounce of gossip and laughing so hard you can barely catch your breath while thinking you can’t imagine a world without them, and the...

Make sure to take your parents through downtown Clemson during their visit,

Tiger’s Two Cents: ‘My parents are coming into town this weekend; what are some things I can do with them?’

October 5, 2023

“My parents are coming into town this weekend; what are some things I can do with them?” Of course, the first thing I would recommend is getting tickets to the football game and heading down to...

Writing an essay about something that youre not passionate about is a daunting task that students face.

Tiger’s Two Cents: ‘How do I write a paper about something I’m not passionate about?’

September 21, 2023

Unfortunately, this is something all college students seem to struggle with. There is no guarantee that every paper you write or class you take will interest you or be something that you are passionate...

Finding out what kind of learner you are early on can set you up for academic success.

Tutterrow: Find out what kind of learner you are now

Kylie Tutterrow, Opinion Editor September 21, 2023

Going to college is a huge transition for many people. Learning in college-level classes isn’t always as easy as it was in high school. Many students tend to find high school coursework easy enough to...

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