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Taking pranks to a whole new level

April 1 is pretty much the only day of the year when you can prank someone and (mostly) get away with it. We asked a few students around campus about the best April Fools’ pranks they had ever pulled, had pulled on them or had seen. The responses were incredibly creative. *NOTE: This article is completely fictitious and does not necessarily reflect the thoughts and views of The Tiger, nor its staff. It is for humor purposes only.*

 “I wasn’t a part of this one, but my freshman year of college, my floor decided to prank our RA. I was pretty impressed because they woke up at around 4 a. m. to execute their plan. By this time, the RA was asleep in his room. The guys found loads and loads of empty tissue boxes and stacked them inside the doorway to the RA’s room. The impromptu tower nearly filled the entire doorway. They then sandwiched the boxes up against the door with Saran wrap. For the icing on the cake, the guys placed cups full of water all over the floor outside the RA’s room. Let’s just say that when the RA finally got out of his room the next morning, he was not a happy camper. A wet, not happy camper.”

“There was this one year where for April Fools’, I decided that my brother needed to be reminded who was the alpha around here. He had these old flip flops that were all torn up, but he still wore everywhere for some reason. The night before, he had left them outside on the pavement. I went and superglued them to the ground. The next day when he went to slide his feet into the flip flops, he moved forward but his shoes did not. He face-planted and got a bloody nose. Later he got me back by giving me a bloody nose, but it was still so worth it.”

“My roommate had this weird obsession with Oreos that I never understood. She ate at least five at the same time every day, just like clockwork. One day before her designated Oreo time, I took the first five cookies out of the container and replaced the filling inside with white toothpaste. The next time she took a bite, her taste buds were met with foamy, minty horror. I noticed after this incident that she made sure to not leave out her Oreos anymore.”

“My parents went on a company vacation one year and left me home alone for a couple days. I realized that I had a great opportunity to pull the subtlest prank ever. I moved every piece of furniture I could in the house five inches to the left. Watching my mom and dad run into tables and chairs for the week afterwards was the best.”

“My mom has always been a bit of a prankster, so she always pulled the simplest yet most creative pranks on me. For one April Fools’, she mixed blue food coloring into my blue toothpaste. Upon brushing my teeth that night, I discovered that my teeth were stained blue. They stayed like that for three days, so I didn’t talk to my mom for that entire time.”

“My best friend drank apple juice religiously for lunch every single day. My other friend and I decided to prank him one day by replacing the juice with apple cider vinegar. The look on his face when he took that first big gulp is something I’ll never forget.”

“You know those showers they have outside public pools? I was rinsing off underneath one and shampooing my hair. For some reason, it felt like the shampoo was not coming out. The foam was infinitely expanding on my head. It turned out that because I had my eyes closed and my back turned, I didn’t notice that the friend I had come to the pool with was squirting more shampoo onto my head every thirty seconds. I thought I was going insane.”

“I was witness to an epic domestic warfare prank between my two siblings one time. My brother had tightly stretched some thick fishing line a couple times across the bottom of the doorway. I watched as he took a Febreze bottle and zip-tied the trigger of the bottle down. He quickly tossed the air freshener grenade into her room and ran for his life. After a couple seconds and some brief cursing, my sister came barreling out of her room and caught her feet on the fishing line. After crashing down onto the floor, she then proceeded to chase my brother throughout the house. Her room smelled like ‘Fresh Spring Breeze’ for a couple weeks after that.”

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