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Baseball playlist: Who makes the grade?

Baseball playlist: Who makes the grade?
Courtesy of Clemson Athletics

There’s a playlist for everything: when you’re studying, when you’re driving around with the windows down and when you’re getting ready to knock it out of the park. As we grade these players on their song choices, y’all may ask: did they strike out or hit a homerun? We are here to let you know what to expect blasting from the speakers at Doug Kingsmore Stadium and whether these baseball players made the grade with their song choice.


K.J. Bryant, Outfielder


“This Is My Story” by R. Kelly

Myra: The chorus is great, but this is why I’m giving it a C: it could be better, but it’s average. I’ll stop complaining and give you an A when your story is that you’ve won the Natty.

Allison: This one gets a solid C from me. It makes me want to stand up and dance but it doesn’t really get me in the baseball mood. But hey, if it gets you hyped up before your plate appearance, go for it.

Reed Rohlman, Outfielder/ Designated Hitter
“People Back Home” by Florida Georgia Line

M: I’m biased towards Reed, but this song deserves an A+. Not only does it fit in with where he’s from and what he’s all about, it is a great song for baseball. It must be doing something right since he’s been having great games.

A: Country music and baseball go together like peanut butter and jelly so this song gets an A. I know I couldn’t have been the only one who was excited when this one came on for your first appearance.
Seth Beer, Infielder/Outfielder
“My Life Be Like (Ohh, Ahh)” by Grits

M: I’m giving this a B because it’s alright. There are so many other songs that could have fit with your game better than this one. It’s chill, so I can see where it could calm you down a little before your big hits, but brand yourself with the beer thing. Advice: copyright that.

A: Though, like Myra, I was a bit disappointed there was no beer song, this one isn’t all bad. I’m going to give it a B+ because to most Clemson fans, these chords have become synonymous with Seth Beer homeruns and that is always a good thing. 
Chase Pinder, Outfielder
“Fronteamos Porque Podemos” bya De La Ghetto

M: I’m giving you an A++ because not only are you sticking to who you are by keeping the Latin music both last season and this one, but this song is SO much better. I could totally listen to this song anywhere. When it’s paired with Pinder, it’s just perfect. You can be mi persona.

A: I was definitely feeling this song when it first played. It gets an A- from me (only because I’m jealous I don’t have the skills to sing along with it). While I will probably get a few judgmental stares for adding this one to the Spotify playlist, it will be worth it. Hopefully it can make me as successful on my exams as it has you on the field.
Weston Jackson, Outfielder
“Your Love” by The Outfield

M: I’m going to give you a C. I feel like this is the background music you use in middle school when you’re in your rocketship wallpapered room trying to kiss a girl. Do better, Weston. You have big shoes to fill from the Magic 8 Ball.

A: I wasn’t sure how to feel about this song the first few times around. Initially I wasn’t feeling it but it has grown on me a bit. I’m going to give it a B- because it is a nice change of pace from a lot of the other songs and is very upbeat, which can get the crowd fired up before a big plate appearance.
Grayson Byrd, Infielder
“Jump Around” by House of Payne

M: I’m going to give this a C. If you came out jumping, then I would give it an A. It’s too hype to not do anything to. Put on a show for

me, Grayson.

A: This song is classic, so it gets a B+ from me. It took me a while to realize the sound guys weren’t just playing this as a hype song and that it was actually yours, so that says a lot about its ability to get a crowd reaction. Seeing all the little kids start dancing when you come up to bat has become a new favorite hobby of mine.
Patrick Cromwell, Infielder
“Here Comes The Hotstepper” by Ini Kamoze

M: I’m giving you an A. This is just a really great song, and your other song is fun to listen to. Not only do you have a good ear for music, but also a good eye for the strikes and balls. You’re a hotstepper in my book.

A: I love the theme of very upbeat music this year, and this song falls in that category. It really makes you want to get on your feet and dance. This song gets an A from me because it is the perfect balance of fun and creative.
Robert Jolly, Catcher
“Awesome God” by Lecrae

M: I’m giving you a C. Don’t get me wrong, I love God and He is awesome. But I feel like this is one of those moments when you’re trying to be like the FCA clichés. Maybe if you changed your song to a more upbeat song then you would do better.

A: You get some points for using the Lecrae version of this song, which is better than most, but it is still a fairly average song. I have to agree with Myra and give it a C. 
Tyler Jackson, Pitcher
“Crown” by Jay Z

M: I’m going to give you an F because a Jay Z song isn’t baseball music. It’s the kind of music you hear at 356 Sushi downtown when all of the weird guys with the creepy mustaches are out. You can do better.

A: It’s catchy, I’ll give you that, but I wasn’t feeling this song too much. I have to give it a C- because it was

very average.
Logan Davidson, Infielder
“Silver Scrapes” by Danny McCarthy

M: I’m going to give it a B. I love the song, and it’s perfect for sports. However, you could have done something more original. It’s like I don’t remember where I am when this song comes on. Am I in Death Valley, am I on the couch while the guys want to watch ESPN or am I waiting on Davidson to hopefully not strike out?

A: This song screams sports, which is great for a walk-up song. I’m going to give it a B because it is just a bit too cliché for me to give it an A. That being said, it does wonders to get the fans fired up and has already become a staple at DKS.
Grounds Crew
“She Thinks My Tractor’s Sexy” by Kenny Chesney

M: I give you guys an A+++ times infinity. I love how y’all are just so excited to come out and make the field look great again after the visitors mess up our territory. It’s possibly my favorite thing about baseball in DKS. Y’all put the bae in baseball experiences.

A: There perhaps isn’t a more iconic moment at DKS than when the grounds crew comes out to this song. It definitely gets an A+ from me. Not only do you guys keep our field looking beautiful all year, you put on an entertaining show while doing it.
DKS Sound Crew
“Centerfield” by John Fogerty

M: I’m giving you the A+++. This is the anthem of baseball. After hearing this song, I’m ready for Coach Monte to put me on the field. This may get the players ready to play, but it gets me ready to stare at my baes.

A: This song makes me think “Hey, I could totally play baseball,” but then I run away from a foul ball and remember I write about sports, not play them. However, this song is a winner all the way around and gets an A+.


** These are the grades for the starters of Clemson’s game against Western Carolina last Wednesday**

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