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OPINION: An alternative view on university’s response to Trump exec. order

Last week on the steps of Sikes Hall, three professors sat fasting, in protest. These professors expressed their discontent towards the university’s “ineffectiveness” to condemn President Trump’s travel ban in a weeklong protest.
It is not the job, prerogative or duty of a university to condemn or condone the actions of the federal government, much less the commander-in-chief. To ask President Clements to do so is absurd and discriminatory in and of itself. This ban has nothing to do with the opinion or position of Clemson University, and never will.
These professors dangerously put their own health at risk for a week for a cause that resulted in zero action. I agree, this ban caused some heartache and danger. I support it, yet I am tolerant of those who do not. However, the actions taken by these professors highlight a lack of mutuality found within the political spectrum, found especially within the left. Unable to find common ground between themselves and those they disagree with, a constant effort is led to drive college campuses to be more “progressive.”
These people have a right to protest. There is no problem with these professors protesting the ban itself, as that is their opinion. What’s baffling is that they protested Clemson’s response, or lack thereof, to the ban. It was simply an indication of their anger due to them not getting their way. Neither Clemson nor any university should take sides on an action of the federal government. And these actions last week only suggest an unmalleability among progressives to any idea that isn’t their own.
For a party and community that loves to preach “diversity and inclusivity” they do not desire diversity of thought. What the new left desires is a quasi-diverse society, a society in which there are people of every different skin tone, but of only one mindset. That is not diversity. True diversity is diversity of color, body and thought. As you watch the daily violence, protests and riots in response to Trump by the “tolerant left,” as all Trump supporters are deemed racists, xenophobes, sexists and bigots, ask yourself, is that what these people truly desire? I submit that it is not.
Regarding the executive order, it is not, nor ever was a “Muslim ban” — an atheist from Iran or Sudan would also not be allowed into the country. Nowhere does the ban say “no Muslims allowed” If this were so, the top five countries with the highest population would also be included on this list. It was President Obama’s administration that created this list. If this is a Muslim ban why isn’t Indonesia or India on the list?
Consider the state of the refugees themselves. As many forget or do not wish to acknowledge, not a single refugee, green card holder or visa holder is entitled to the constitutional rights this country provides.
Secondly, the media has portrayed these refugees as being sent straight from the front lines of Syrian war to America. This is not true. These people are being held in refugee camps in which they are fed, looked after, and kept away from the fighting. It is not the most comfortable situation, but it is a relatively hospitable environment. It is a lie from the mainstream media to say these people are coming straight from the terrible war.
The most infuriating part of all of this is the argument that conservatives do not care for these helpless people. You are joking, right? We have allowed hundreds of refugees in our country. We have generously opened our doors to them and shared with them the resources this country has to offer. Furthermore, we have lost approximately 5,000 men and women in the Middle East since 9/11. These people have paid the ultimate sacrifice fighting to ensure these innocent people have safer lives. Don’t tell me we do not care about these people.
There’s also the question of: “How can you call yourself a Christian if you do not want to help these people?” The bottom line is these people confuse what the Bible says as the responsibility of a person with the responsibility of a government.
The Bible, on numerous occasions, points out the primary task of a government is to ensure the safety of its people. This is exactly what the federal government is currently attempting to do.
Yes, it is the task of the individual to be the Good Samaritan and lend a helping hand, but this is not necessarily true for the state.

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