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Apt apps: 14 of the most perfect apps for a college student

1. my.Clemson: You might think that you know your way around campus because you’ve been to a couple football games, but everyone eventually has that one class in the back of the oldest building on campus. How the heck are you supposed to find said class? The my.Clemson app is a great way to find your way around. It has a really convenient map of campus and can locate individual buildings.
2. Venmo: Hopefully you won’t be spending too much money all the time, but in the case you do need to use a little dough, Venmo is a great go-to. Also in the event that you owe a friend some money, you can (eventually) pay back your debts to your friends, you dirty freeloader. Also in the unlikely event that you need to launder some money, use Venmo works great to move money through your friends to an untouchable Swedish bank account.
3. Google Maps: For the three of you freshmen who thought it’d be a great idea to bring your car, getting around campus sucks. We’d say “…but not anymore!!!!” with Google Maps, but the truth is, it’ll still suck to get around campus. The good thing is that you’ll be able to know your way around Clemson and won’t be that person who holds up traffic looking for Todaro’s.
4. Easybib: Citing books is one of the worst parts about writing papers in college (and really just in general). In order to make that whole process a lot easier, there’s EasyBib. Just find the book you want to create a citation for, scan its barcode on the back cover, and presto! EasyBib instantly creates a citation for the book in whatever form you need. It can also create citations for websites if you copy and paste the link into the app.
5. VSCO: In the ever-changing world of photography, having a bomb Instagram will set you apart from the pack. Beyond that, now that you’re away from home, you have to show off to your high school enemies how much fun you’re having at college. As such, you should download VSCO, because how else are you going to filter your Insta pics to showcase your new aesthetic? People will be jealous and you’ll have more likes; what else could you ask for?
6. Merriam-Webster: Have you ever had a conversation with that one super smart professor (or a really pretentious student) and they said something you didn’t understand? Did you have enough pride and anxiety to not want to ask “what is *insert word here*”? Merriam Webster has an app for you! Just type in the word, and *gasp*, you’ll get a definition. They also have a Word of the Day, that way, you can place them in conversation and become that pretentious student yourself.
7. Spotify: Don’t like people? Enjoy music? Don’t enjoy paying $10 a month for music? Download Spotify! They offer a student discount, so you’ll only pay $5 a month. Use this app for when you’re walking on campus or surrounded by people you really don’t want to chat with.
8. Uber: We don’t encourage babies (or underage kids) getting drunk, but if you do, don’t be dumb. Get an uber to drive you home. It’ll cost around $10 to $20, but it’s better than ruining your life by using the other alternatives.
9. Find My Friends: Ever wanted to stalk your friends and know where they are at literally all hours of the day? If so, then this is the app for you! You can use Find My Friends to locate your buddies if you want to eat lunch at the same place or make sure they actually are on their way to hang and not still in bed at home. Maybe you just straight-up lost your friends. Use this app and you’ll find them again in no time.
10. Quizlet: Quizlet has been around for 10 years now, but that doesn’t make it any less useful. Sometimes it’s late at night and you still need to study for that test tomorrow. Be smart and take advantage of other students’ efficiency for your last-minute study session by using the flashcards on Quizlet.
11. Duo: So there’s this wonderful new addition to the way you log in to iRoar. Originally, you just had to log in with your username and password, like any other normal website on the planet. But now, along with doing that, you also need a second form of login through Duo. Every single time you log in now, Duo sends you a notification where you have to unlock your phone, open Duo and accept the notification. That’s it. That’s all the app does. And you have to do this every. Single. Time. But hey, at least your class schedule on iRoar is extra safe, right?
12. GroupMe: Stuck in a group project with people you really don’t want to give your cell number to? GroupMe exists, hun. Sit in disappointment as you awkwardly divide the work between Matt, Diane and Cody, before realizing that you’ll have to do everything yourself. At least there are cute hearts you can use to “like” their messages they used to excuse why they can’t do the PowerPoint. Beyond aggravated by them? You can also mute them, utilizing the ultimate form of passive-aggression found in millennials.
13. Tinder: Have you ever wanted to have a meal, but not had the money to do so? Do you find yourself moderately attractive? Download Tinder! In just a jiffy, you’ll have tons of people lining up to take you on a date. Then go on that date (preferably at restaurant), get your free meal and go home full. You won’t owe them anything and you won’t starve to death.
14. Evernote: If you enjoy looking efficient for the first two weeks of school and then neglecting it, Evernote is a great app. Evernote gives you the opportunity to organize all of your notes, allowing you to keep track of projects, activities, contacts, etc. Those two weeks will be the best two weeks of your life.

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