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Leaving a legacy: An interview with Kay Senn, a senior

A senior food science and technology major, Kay Senn travelled all the way from Lakeland, Florida to be a part of the Clemson tradition.
Over the past three years, she has contributed to numerous Clemson goings-ons in a way where her graduation will be somewhat of a loss, as many students have been in the past. For underclassmen, Senn has invaluable experience and tales of old that can act not as a guide, but as a record for those that want a look into the future of what Clemson holds for them.
Wesley Skidmore (WS): So what are you looking forward to in your last year at Clemson?
Kay Senn (KS): Because this is my last year here, I’m looking forward to utilizing all the resources and fun there is to be had in Clemson. I also want to do the things I haven’t done and re-do the things I have. That’s kind of a lame answer, I know. [Laughs]
WS: What kinds of things do you want to do and re-do?
KS: I want to do all the Clemson traditions — go to football games, do stuff at Lake Hartwell, go downtown … and I’ve never done Ain’t Patty’s Day! I want to do that really bad.
WS: What clubs are you in and how has that changed since freshman year?
KS: Freshman year, I was involved in a lot of things and it was a lot to handle. I was in the food science and technology club, the CU Gay Straight Alliance (now CUSAGA), College Bowl, WSBF and I worked at ‘55 Exchange. It was overwhelming; I took Tiger Prowl very seriously. My name was on ALL the lists: I’ve always technically been a member of the off-roading club, but I’ve never gone to a single meeting. I submitted an application that said I would support them with my euphoric shouts of yee-haw, and they let me in.
WS: So now on to the more fun questions that everyone is dying to know. [Laughs] If a zombie apocalypse happened at Clemson and you were the sole survivor, what do you think the best place to hide out would be?
KS: Clemson has an underground tunnel system, so I think I’d go hide out underground, bring some supplies and become a mole person.
WS: I did not know about the tunnels. How do you know they’re not a rumor?
KS: Every other Clemson tradition has been proven. I haven’t found the entrances or exits, but I just know they’re beneath us. They can’t be a myth, but I did hear that if you get caught in them you get expelled because they’re dangerous or something.
WS: If your personality was a Clemson tradition, which one would it be?
KS: I guess Lake Hartwell is my favorite place in Clemson, so I don’t know any specific traditions with that; but I’d say something there. I also really like Tiger Prowl. I love when everyone comes out with their booths and gets to talk about what they’re interested in. It’s really good exposure of all the diverse things Clemson has to offer.
WS: What are you going to miss most about Clemson?
KS: One of the really unique qualities about Clemson is the feeling of comfort and safety in the environment as a whole. It’s a really unique place in that respect, and anywhere else I go is not going to feel the same. You can let your guard down here and not worry about things that you have to worry about somewhere else.
WS: Where will your Clemson degree take you from here?
KS: Hopefully everywhere. I’d really like to exhaust the boundaries of my degree.
WS: OK, last question. If Clemson’s mascot wasn’t a tiger, what do you think would best fit it?
KS: A sunflower or Steve Buscemi because I think both a sunflower and Steve capture the happiness and hopefulness of Clemson. Steve is kind of ugly but some things about Clemson are ugly on the surface too. He’s actually a really a good guy. He means well, you know?
And so, as Clemson students read what will soon become a memoir of one senior, they should find their own answers to the questions. Being a Clemson student allows the sense of security about which Senn talks and gives the unique experience of adventure to any soul brave enough to take it. So discover if the Clemson tunnels are real, kayak on Lake Hartwell, and, whatever you do, do NOT read the plaque on the Thomas Green Clemson’s statue.

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