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A response to ‘Trump’s transition trainwreck’

I find it very interesting, how the author of last week’s “Trump’s Transition Trainwreck” piece chastised President Donald Trump for claiming that favorability polls were “rigged.” Funny, were these not the same news station polls that also said Hillary would defeat Trump handily? Interesting. By “rigged” Trump meant conducted by mainstream news stations in the tank for Hillary.

Moving on. 

I take issue with the aforementioned piece’s bias towards journalists and reporters (the majority of whom, along with college faculty, have become nothing more than air horns for their own political agenda.) She states: “The job of journalists is to ask tough questions, to make politicians feel uncomfortable and to hold those in power accountable.” I agree with this statement, yet of all the press conferences I have observed over the last eight years, fail to see any in which the media attacked President Obama as they have President Trump. They never attacked Obama as they will Trump. This just displays the overlying theme of the 2016 election season. 

The Democrats chose the worst, most selfish, destructive and corrupt candidate in the history of their party. As a result, the mainstream media had nothing good to say about Hillary, (since there is nothing) and everything bad to say about Trump. He was painted as a racist, xenophobe, misogynist, sexist, islamaphobic bigot. 

These are all knee-jerk insults from leftists who have polluted the mainstream media. Journalists these days have their head up the part of their body where the sun doesn’t shine. 

Can you name any instances in the past eight years there the mainstream media did any “power checking” on President Obama? 

Furthermore, CNN is fake news. When you produce a hundred-page (or something like that) report full of FAKE information regarding the President’s business ties with Russia, you and your organization are the definition of fake news. 

When your employees leak debate questions to Hillary before her primary debate with Bernie Sanders, your organization is the scum of the earth in my opinion. Good job Donna, you got yourself fired. CNN is the trash dump of cable TV, polluting the minds of the American public with misinformation. They are the definition of “dishonest media.”

Also, that CNN reporter was not “pressing” Trump on anything. Watch the video. He was being disruptive and rude. Trump can choose who he wants to get questions from, this reporter just had a meltdown when he was not chosen. I hope and pray that Sean Spicer kicks many reporters out of his conferences. They deserve it. 

There is a difference between hating criticism and hating lies.  

I deeply respect the intelligence community and the work that they do. I believe they are one of the key factors that make the U.S. military the strongest in the world. Most of the leaders in the intelligence community served in the armed forces, and I am forever thankful for the sacrifices they have made and those they continue to make. That is not to say the intelligence community will get it right 100 percent of the time. These are the same people who told us Saddam possessed and was producing weapons of mass destruction. How did that work out? 

We need to take every piece of information we receive with a grain of salt. We need not forget that America is no angel in the international intelligence community. We have spies all over the world gathering intelligence for our leaders. 

You mean to tell me that if we saw an opportunity to shift power from Putin in Russia via some form of cyber hacking or information release, we would not take it? Give me a break. I am sure this happens all the time. 

The author of “Trump’s Transition Train wreck” loves to throw the word “misinformation” around. However, I believe that to be false. 

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