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Four secret fast food menu items you have to try

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The end of the semester is coming up, which also signals the end of most people’s healthy appetites, provided that they hadn’t already given up once entering college — yup, the restless nights of studying involving nothing besides ramen, coffee and TONS of fast food. However, if you’re like me, you can only hit Moe’s so many times, and it is more than time for a shakeup in your fast food lifestyle. Even then, if you happen to be more adventurous in your unhealthy eating habits there are only so many choices on the menu.

That is, unless you know about the various “secret” menus at select fast food joints. While sounding ridiculous, the items on these lists are very much real, often created by employees and customers, later discovered by word of mouth. While some may take some work on your part, here are the best unknown food variations that you should give a try!

Pie McFlurry, McDonalds

Admittedly, McDonalds is essentially the worst thing you could do to yourself if you were going out to eat, but that doesn’t stop their McFlurry from being so freaking good! If mere M&M’s and Oreo bits aren’t good enough for you, try out a Pie McFlurry. One of McDonald’s most popular secret options, the name essentially states it all, as you get equal parts milkshake and whatever pie flavor of your choosing for about $2.69.

All you have to do is order a McFlurry, and ask the employee if they can add in a pie into the blender, and you’ll be good to go! If their pie blending machine seems to be “broken” along with most of their other appliances, it isn’t too hard to crumble the pie bits into your shake afterwards either. Chick-fil-A also offers a similar option with their blueberry cheesecake milkshake as well.

Quesarito, Chipotle

The holy grail of secret items at Chipotle, you will end up more than full once you order a Quesarito. Combining — you guessed it — a quesadilla and a burrito, the Quesarito is like any other burrito, but with an entire quesadilla as a shell instead of your average single tortilla. Keep note that due to consisting of a meal wrapped around another even bigger meal, this thing is gigantic, as well as insanely filling.

The process is also fairly simple due to the meal’s popularity, with you only mentioning that you want one while they are preparing it. While Chipotle itself is okay with anyone ordering this option, they recently enacted a new company policy that makes the Quesarito an additional $3.50 to the cost of the burrito, so don’t go in expecting to pull one over on an unsuspecting employee.

The Hulk, Taco Bell

Love guacamole? Like, REALLY love guacamole? Then, boy, does Taco Bell have the meal for you! Titled “The Hulk” due to its massive size and green color, this particular item essentially has a ton of guac thrown in with the normal bean and cheese burrito. Some employees might interpret this as merely putting a little extra guacamole into the dish though, so you’ll probably have to keep urging them on to add more and more until you feel satisfied or have grown tired of the awkward looks everyone in line is giving you. The price varies by location, but it is certainly worth it to indulge in the extra flavor brought in by the guacamole.

Liquid Cocaine, Starbucks

Big papers tend to gang up on everyone at the end of the semester, so all-nighters tend to become second nature. Coffee and energy drinks can help you fight insomnia throughout your 24+ hour stint, but they can only do so much in the end. Enter Liquid Cocaine. This drink at Starbucks has earned its name for a reason, that being that it contains a whopping four shots of espresso topped with four pumps of white chocolate syrup over ice. This drink isn’t for the faint of heart, and is quite strong, even compared to other coffees.

While most employees might not recognize the name, if you give them the ingredients they can probably take it from there, with pricing depending on the size. If you are only wanting a small taste test, or if you want as much Liquid Cocaine as possible, make sure to check out Starbuck’s secret sizes, the “small drink” (8oz) and the “Trenta” (31oz).

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