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TV Recaps: “Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen. X;” Week 2

It’s week two of “Survivor,” and after a ground-breaking first week, this season had a lot to look up to.
At the start of this episode, we see the Old Brahs (my name for Chris, Bret and Paul) talking about David, Cece and Ken. With Rachel voted off the island, it’s apparent that those three are on the outs and in deep trouble. And while the OBs are being nice to David, Chris and Bret discuss that the next time the go to tribal council, David will be going home. They discuss that they don’t want to make David paranoid and looking for an idol, but unbeknownst to them, David goes looking for an idol.
At this point, and maybe it’s the new “Survivor” fan in me, I’m thinking: “There’s no way that he finds it, no way.”
We then go to Ken, who, despite being a model, labels himself as “shy and reserved.” As such, he quickly is able to bond with fellow outcast David. In an effort to prove that he is loyal to Ken, David shows Ken his idol. We see Ken then confess that he wants to team up with David and Cece, using the idol to get rid of Paul the next chance they get … bless him.
Meanwhile, on the Millennial tribe, Taylor and Figgy (1/2 of the Young Brahs + Michelle alliance) start to get cozy with one another, which anyone with a brain can realize is a bad idea. They get caught by Michaela (the sassy inner version of me), who then calls them out. In an attempt to defend herself, Figgy argues back and forth with Micheala, which is an even worse idea than making out with Taylor. And, if you remember back to week one, the “outcasts” in the Millennial tribe want to send the “cool kids” packing, which won’t bode too well for Figs.
We go back to the Gen. X tribe and *gasp* after Paul states that he wants to be 100 percent in control of everything, he gets down with a bad case of something. The medic is called out and Paul is ALMOST medevaced out of the game. However, he quickly recovers. But the best quote of the night comes from my paranoid brother, David:
“I feel bad saying this … but I thought: ‘[Paul being medevaced] could be good for me.’”
We then go to the next immunity challenge, where each tribe has to swim to five keys, grab each one, and open a chest, where they then must go under water and grab five rings, tossing each one on a post, with the first team accomplishing this being the winner. And although they suffer a few issues with David’s speed and initially miss a few rings, the Gen. X-ers win their first challenge. Yep, the Millennials are headed to tribal council. #PISSED
Back at the Millennial tribe and from my apartment, we’re all thinking “Duh, Figgy’s going home. You would be an idiot if you didn’t think Figgy was going home, right?”
Well …
The word soon spreads about Figgy’s impending doom. A mistake that I largely attribute to Zeke for spilling the beans to Jay unnecessarily. Jay then tells Michelle, who decides to flip the votes on professional gamer and seemingly leader of the “outcasts,” Mari. However, they need Will and (plot twist) Michaela’s vote to do so. Will seems on board, but Michaela is skeptical. Still worried about the votes, Michelle decides she’ll have to campaign at tribal council.
At tribal council, Jeff talks to the Millennials about how the game has progressed. He also talks to Michaela about the drama at the tribe, resulting in an argument with Figgy. Meanwhile, Michelle is telling Hannah that she’s voting out Mari and that Hannah has to be on board to also vote that way. Hannah has a near panic attack, but when the votes are tallied, it comes out to be three votes for Figgy and seven for Mari, including Hannah and Michaela’s votes. Mari is the first Millennial sent packing.
Who to look out for: From the Gen X tribe, I’m still feeling Bret. Like I expected, it seems that Paul’s behavior will be landing him in hot water sooner rather than later. Also, with Chris’ great performance in the challenge, he will be a threat people will start looking at once we get to the merge. Last week, I thought Mari and Hannah had this. Unfortunately, Mari is gone, and I don’t see Hannah making it through the crap she’ll get from the people she betrayed. Add that to the fact that she’s the obvious “outcast” that the cool kids will use until they don’t need her anymore. Saying that, my new pick is Michelle. Being able to flip the vote and position yourself into the majority is no easy feat and she kicked ass doing it.
Dark horse: I’m still feeling David. With the idol in his hands, he and Ken should be able to do damage as long as David’s paranoia doesn’t get in the way. As far as the Millennials go, with Zeke being blindsided this past week, I’m going to have to switch my answer up to Michaela. She’s hilariously sassy and by (hopefully on her end) faking the fight with Figgy, she should be able to ride the middle pre-merge and then hopefully start thinking long-term once the merge occurs.
Who’s gone next week: I was completely wrong when it comes to the Millennials this past week. Despite that, I really think that they might pull it out this week with the immunity challenge. While they don’t trust each other, none of them can risk going to a second tribal council after a blindside in their very first one. Pending that, I really think that the David/Cece/Ken alliance teams up and flips on Paul. In these past two episodes, he’s had a big rise, but I think that’ll all come crashing down.
Bonus: Does anyone know who Lucy is? Are we sure she’s a contestant this season?
Who will leave and who will survive? You can catch “Survivor” Wednesday, Oct. 5 on CBS at 8 PM!

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