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The third option is the worst option

As I am typing this article, we are thirty-six days away from the most important US presidential election in history. The future of the Supreme Court, national security, immigration reform, tax policy, and party alliances are on the line. We cannot get this wrong. There are two choices, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. I am not going to tell you who I am voting for, but he/she does not wear pant suits. To be clear Jill Stein and Gary Johnson should not and cannot be considered in your choice for president, not because of their specific terrible policies or fallacies, which are numerous, but because of the ensuing result: if you vote for them, you will be disappointed. Third party candidates are nothing but a cancer in our single member district electoral system. We need to denounce them at all costs. 

Let me take you back to an election before most of you readers, myself-included, were even born. It is 1992, George H.W. Bush versus Bill “the womanizer” Clinton. There was also a third party candidate who you may or may not have heard of, Ross Perot. See Ross got more votes than any other third party candidate since 1912. In our country, the president wins the popular vote on the basis of plurality, not majority, meaning, the candidate only has to receive a greater percentage than the opposition, not a majority of 51%. Keep in mind we are not taking our Electoral College system into account. Ross Perot did not receive a single Electoral College vote.  

As for the popular vote, the narrative was much different. Bill won 43.01%, Bush won 37.45%, and Perot won 18.91%. So what happened? Many who would have been Bush Republican voters cast their ballot for Ross Perot. What was the result? A Bill Clinton presidency. They received the farthest thing from what they desired: A democrat. Who wants that? 

People who think voting for third parties is helping them get representation are dead wrong. We live in a country with winner take all elections. When Gary Johnson and Jill Stein lose this election, as they will, their voters will be very disappointed. 

If you are a republican, and you refuse to vote for Donald Trump and think Gary Johnson is a good alternative, you are doing nothing but helping Hillary win. If you are not working for Trump, you are working for Hillary, end of story. Third party voters end up putting the candidate in office that is farthest from their political ideology. In 1992, what happened to the conservative base that voted for Perot? They got Bill Clinton. Oh joy, here comes NAFTA. 

If you are a republican, voting for Johnson will ONLY get you Hillary as president. Remember 1992¬– history will repeat itself if we let it. I refuse to vote for someone who is not familiar with the city of Aleppo and cannot name a world leader he admires. If Hillary gets elected, religious liberty will be trampled on. I am going to have to hide my firearms from the government because they want to leave me stranded when someone breaks into my house. The country will fall into a leftist tailspin that will leave it in ruin. This is my opinion of course, you can vote for whoever you want to, just make sure it’s either Trump or Clinton. 

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