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Princess parking only

Kim Montuoro, Photo Editor

Finding your Prince Charming can be like finding parking on campus. It’s difficult and confusing. Sometimes, it makes you want to go home to momma and cry. However, in the end when you do find that perfect spot, you never want to leave it.
Have you ever noticed all of the good parking spots are always gone? I have come to believe that crazy people come at the crack of dawn to get the amazing spots in Brooks, then sit in their cars and laugh while the rest of us suffer through finding one.
Girls are like this too. They pick out their potential Prince Charming in middle school, so by the time they get to college, these boys don’t even know what other girls look like.
Or there are the spots that look like they’re open and when you are about to pull in, you notice a damn motorcycle or a little Kia. It’s such a tease; thanks for getting my hopes up for nothing.
Sadly, boys are like this too. You sit in class with them and then they ask you to study or hangout so you get super excited, and then when you’re about to make a move they’re like, “Oops, I have a girlfriend.”
Some spots have restrictions as to who can have them, so if you don’t have the right kind of parking pass then you are literally SOL.
They are so close to your classes and seem absolutely perfect until you read the fine print that tells you your parking pass isn’t good enough. There are definitely guys like this. So what if I’m not under 5’3” and 100 pounds or I’m not in a sorority? News flash: you’re an asshole and I can find a better parking spot anyway. I’m talking to you frat bros who think that if a girl isn’t in a sorority and looks exactly like a girl in a magazine then she’s insufficient. In fact, those sorority girls don’t need you either — we all kick ass and we don’t need your BS.
Then there are the lovely spots you have to pay for. They suck up your money, and then if you don’t leave when your time has run out then you’re going to have hell to pay. These are the kinds of guys who use you. You may try to convince yourself that he’s a great guy even though he’s using you for your Paw Points and your car that it’s okay, but P.S. it’s not. Reverse and get out.
This is one thing that gets me mad: when I have a parking spot, don’t be a vulture and wait for it. I’m not giving it up, so go away. Girls are like this with guys and parking spots, too. Find your own guy and your own parking spot. Don’t ask me if I’m about to leave, because I’m not. I’m just getting comfortable so back the hell up. My rant is over, and hopefully y’all will learn your lesson eventually. Parking wreckers.
Finally, there are those spots that are hard to find and hard to get, but when you do get one then your day has been made and nothing can go wrong. I know it’s tough, and you feel like skipping class to sit at home and watch Netflix but keep looking. Guys are like parking spots and they’re hard to find; trust me though, you’ll find that perfect guy who’ll drive you to class on the back of his moped to save you from being late or you’ll find the perfect spot in Brooks.

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