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Study time: Clemson’s best study locations

Emily Lady, Staff

Bowman Field, located in the center of campus near the building of education, is a great spot for students to study. This sunny day featured a freshly painted Tiger Paw in anticipation of the Spring Game.

Everyone studies differently. I’ve heard that Capricorns, Virgos, Leos and Tauruses study with post-its everywhere (which is how this Capricorn studies). Aries, Aquariuses, Geminis and Libras read the notes through just one time. And Pisces, Sagittarii, Scorpios and Cancers laugh at studying. Even though everyone has a different study routine, as Tigers we all have access to great places to study.

Cooper Library

Cooper is especially sentimental to me because I would study there last semester with one amazing beau, and he would frequently surprise me with White Mochas. Even if y’all don’t have anyone to surprise you with your much-needed coffee, Cooper is still a great place to study. With so many floors and different places to get comfortable, it’s a great place to get started on that essay or test prep. Also, it doesn’t hurt Cooper is a great place to see people you know! I always walk through each of the floors after studying for a while to see if I know anyone around. I know I will be in Cooper a lot this fall because of the new Starbucks, which means Pumpkin Spice Lattes will be a go to for this Clemson Tiger.


The All-In coffee shop is a nice place to go on the weekends. The coffee is amazing, and y’all know that you can’t study unless the coffee is good. 

If you’re not a coffee person, the food is also fantastic, so it’s a place you can sit and eat while you are getting things done. It can be difficult to find parking sometimes, but don’t be discouraged. You’ll have plenty of time to go there this semester!

Bowman Field 

If you are the Chaco wearing, outdoors loving type of Tiger, then Bowman Field is perfect for you. It will be nice when the weather is not as hot, but one great aspect of Bowman is that the views of campus and downtown tend to be breathtaking. I love sitting on Bowman because it reminds me of why I chose Clemson as my college home. Don’t forget to bring something to sit on and a few snacks because once you’re comfortable, you won’t want to leave.


The Amphitheater

The Amphitheater is another great place to study and be outdoors. I love

how this area has cement you can lay your books down, or you can lie down in the grass and read if you want. I always like to use the steps of the Amphitheater as a desk, which is great multitasking for sitting your books on the step while writing on that hard surface, as well. Be aware of squirrels though 

The Academic Success Center

Few people take advantage of this spacious building on campus. They have booths to sit in, and you’re typically only a few feet away from tutors who can help you write your papers or study for a class you’re having problems in. It’s usually worth a shot. It’s quiet like Cooper is, but it’s not as crowded. I would highly recommend you try this space at least once while you’re at Clemson.

Your house or apartment clubhouse

If you’re like me, then you like to stay in bed as much as possible after a long day of classes. So, I like to study at home. This year, I have a beautiful porch to sit on, so I know where I will be studying this fall. Clubhouses are also great places to study because normally they are quiet and not too far away from home. One thing about studying away from home is that if you want to leave, then trip there was a waste. But, if you study at the clubhouse and you get tired, then you are a short walk away from your house. Also, you will never have a problem finding a place to sit at your house or apartment’s clubhouse like you might at the library.

The Dining Halls

I know this might be a stretch for some people, but I personally like writing my papers or studying in the dining hall because you’re killing two birds with one stone. You get to eat and study at the same time, so you’re not wasting any time that you could use later by hanging out with your friends or going to the football games. Plus, if you don’t like eating alone, it will feel less lonely because you will have plenty to keep you occupied while you eat.

On the way to campus

I am a fan of flashcards, and there are plenty of apps that you can make notecards on to study. If I had a test or a quiz for Spanish, I would go through my flashcards on my phone while I walked to class. Fun fact: these apps normally have different ways of studying — my personal favorite is the matching games. This way it doesn’t feel like studying, and you tend to learn better with the practice than you would from just reading your notes over and over again.

Just like your sign, you will find a studying method and place that suits you and all of your needs. Clemson has a lot to offer, so don’t worry if you can’t find the perfect place right off the bat. It took me awhile to find my secret study spots, but I guess I’m nice enough to give y’all a hand by spilling the beans on them.

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