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Clemson finally changing their mascot?

Jackson Copeland // Colorer
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The Clemson Tiger has been roaring since 1896. That’s almost 127 years of that unbearably bright- and eye-straining orange that consumes the entire campus.
It’s time for students to rally for change. It’s time to retire the tiger and put away the orange paint once and for all.
First of all, there are much cooler animals out there than a tiger.
Starfish have the ability to regenerate their own limbs. Not to mention, they don’t require silly necessities that could hold them back, like blood and a brain. Starfish can also live up to 35 years in the wild, unlike tigers which typically only survive for about 15 years.
Chameleons can blend into their environment, change colors and even have projectile tongues to catch their prey which is super cool and interesting.
Not roosters, though. That would be a weird and boring animal to have as a mascot.
Ligers have an incredible stripe pattern that is both beautiful and functional for blending into their environments, unlike a tiger which has a completely different appearance.
Zebras are my favorite animal, so that’s another animal to consider.
Second of all, tigers are scary. Think of all the children who are probably scarred for life from seeing that big tiger with pointy teeth every time they attend a football game.
“I’m tired of this suit,” Clemson’s Tiger mascot said. “I’m also tired of scaring innocent kids.”
We should consider a much more PG- and kid-friendly mascot that won’t leave children with nightmares.
Now, as for the current color scheme of the University, there are definitely changes to be made there.
Orange is just not a very flattering color. It’s really hard to put an outfit together when I want to support my school, and that shouldn’t be the case.
Clemson should consider other cooler and more appealing colors to go with their new mascot.
I think it would be a nice change for Clemson to move more toward a cool-color scheme. Maybe a nice blue or a mint green. Purple should definitely be thrown in there somewhere, though, because that’s my favorite color.
However, this new color scheme should avoid colors such as red, black and white. These colors are boring and tend to represent schools that lose to Clemson often. We wouldn’t want to step on their toes.
In addition to this new mascot and color scheme, it will also be necessary that Clemson chooses a new logo to represent the school that isn’t a paw print.
This, of course, depends on the new animal chosen to represent the University. Still, Clemson may want to consider thinking outside of the box for this. For example, two paw prints would be a really different and creative logo for Clemson to consider.
So, let’s get started and make these changes happen.
Clemson University is an amazing school with so many great things to offer. Just imagine how much better it will be once these changes are made. I’m sure everyone agrees.

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