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Creating flat land in areas such as the Douthit steps would be a much-appreciated change to campus.

There’s something in these hills, hopefully cement

Olweis Wright, Facts Editor April 1, 2024

Clemson’s charm and culture since its founding have seemed to revolve around its natural beauty and rolling hills. In fact, one of Clemson’s most well-known slogans is “There’s something in these...

The Tiger is fed up with the complaining of students under the rouse of asking for advice.

Tiger’s Last Straw: ‘How do I cope with finding out my friend is not who I thought they were?’

Olweis Wright, Facts Editor April 1, 2024

“How do I cope with finding out my friend is not who I thought they were?” A student who obviously doesn’t have common sense or the personality to make any actual friends of value. And you know...

Person holds a wing from a recently sacrificed gamecock.

Let’s sacrifice gamecocks before sporting events

Kecp Eilatan, Communist April 1, 2024

We need to stop giving credit to the glorified chicken that is the University of South Carolina’s Gamecock mascot, namely the second-best USC in the country. Since we consistently embarrass our rivals...

Students are sick and tired of the hassle of parking at Clemson.

Clemson needs valet parking

Madison Akers, Asst. Facts Editor April 1, 2024

I think we can all agree that Clemson parking is really bad. In fact, some might even go as far as to say that it’s gotten worse each semester. With so much construction around campus and the closing...

The AP Stylebook, along with English grammar rules, are pointless.

Blocky: Time to throw out our grammar rules

Blockasaurus Blocky, Blocky Chief April 1, 2024

As I was sitting a few weeks ago, editing countless articles for our print edition, I found myself making the same corrections over and over …. and over again. Capitalizations seemed random, commas were...

Imagine the endless possibilities the state would have if it changed its name and image to that of Clemson. This includes but is not limited to, Jim Clements as governor.

Being a Carolina is so last year

Olweis Wright, Facts Editor April 1, 2024

There is no contest or question when it comes to the argument of which school is the best university in South Carolina. Clemson is always the true winner, so why is it fair that the University of South...

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