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    Scrub-a-dub-dub: 5 tips for making bath time easy and enjoyable


    (BPT) – Bath time can sometimes feel like a daunting experience, especially for first-time parents. But bath time with your little ones is so much more than just another chore on the list. It provides parents the opportunity to bond with their child while making sure they’re happy and clean.
    With some expert advice you can turn bath time into a happy, developmental activity for the whole family. Bath time expert Ashley Sousa, registered nurse, International Board Certified Lactation Consultant and Baby Magic ambassador, shares her top five tips to help create a fun and relaxing bath time experience for babies and parents.
    1. Choose the right bath time
    Routine is essential to baby’s health. A daily routine helps baby transition into a rhythm, which in turn, helps them to feel comfortable and secure. You can help your baby expect bath time by selecting a time in the day when they’re most relaxed and happy. An ideal bath time might be after a long day of play or a delicious (but messy) meal. Once you find a time that works best for your family, do your best to stick to it.
    2. Create a bath time ritual
    Establishing a bath time ritual creates cues that let your little one know it’s time to relax while you bathe them. As the tub fills, begin play time with your baby so they associate bath time with fun time. After a bath, dress them in their pajamas and enjoy some cuddle time so your little one feels calm and relaxed before you tuck them in.
    “My husband has started a new nightly routine with our daughter,” said Sousa. “Every night before bed he uses the Baby Magic Vanilla & Oat Creamy Whipped Butter to massage our daughter’s legs and feet and talk about their days. They giggle and bond while locking moisture in on skin.”
    3. Integrate bath toys
    Babies love playing with toys, especially in the bathtub. Toys like rubber ducks, squirt toys or water scoops can make bath time fun and stimulating for baby. Having dedicated bath toys builds positive association with bath time so that your baby looks forward to getting squeaky clean.
    Be sure to pick out age-appropriate toys that are safe for your baby to use in water. Offer them a variety of toys to choose from so that bath time is always new and interesting. Changing up bath toys from time to time can help keep them engaged during a bath.
    4. Soothe fears with bubbles
    Water can be a scary element for babies. The sound, temperature and sense of floating can startle them, making them feel unsettled or scared. Help soothe your little one’s fears by adding a playful element like bubbles.
    “Sometimes babies can be afraid of bath time. A good way to help with the fear is by adding Baby Magic Soothing Hair & Body Wash to the water for some extra bubbles. Making sure the water is shallow is another great way to slowly introduce bath time,” said Sousa.
    5. Sing, talk and bond
    Bath time is the perfect opportunity to bond with your little one. Talking and singing to them while they bathe can help them feel secure, entertained and loved.
    Try singing nursery rhymes, telling stories or simply talking to your baby. Your presence and voice will help them relax and make the time a more enjoyable experience. The sound of your voice will help you and your baby bond and create cherished memories to last a lifetime.
    Exercising these five tips can make bath time a fun part of your daily routine with your baby. When bathing your child, make sure to use wholesome products like Baby Magic’s Soothing Hair & Body Wash and Whipped Butter to cleanse and moisturize hair and skin. The Soothing Collection is specially formulated for sensitive skin with nourishing colloidal oat to leave skin feeling soft and comforted. Best of all, they can be used by the whole family! To learn more visit

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