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The galaxy leggings are a staple of 2016 fashion, and are the next big thing you’ll be seeing on campus.

Viral in the Valley: 2016 fashion is back and better than ever

Lindsay Kaine, Asst. Supreme Leader April 1, 2024

Everyone loves a good throwback, and this summer, we are going all the way back to 2016. Nostalgia is in the air, so queue up your favorite Fetty Wap tune and get ready for a blast from the past. For...

Exhibit 1A: Last photo found on victims phone.

Time Inside: Poole basement

Corey Glenn, Asst. Fake News Editor April 1, 2024

While it's often most enjoyable to be outside, sometimes the incessant sunshine and flower fragrances are just overwhelming, and you turn for refuge from the beautiful world. Seeking nothing but the...

Swifties, get ready for your supreme leader to come to Clemson to perform.

Taylor Swift comes to Tigertown

Lily Gessel, Minion April 1, 2024

It’s official: Taylor Swift is coming to Clemson. Swift’s fans, nicknamed Swifties, are known for scouring song lyrics, music videos, interviews and even red-carpet looks to find clues about her...

Imagine... Harry Styles with his arm against a doorway...

Tips for writing smutty fanfiction

Mercedes Dubberly, Asst. TitsOut Editor April 1, 2024

Are you a college student looking for a new hobby? Well, I have a proposition for you: writing smut. For those unfamiliar with the concept, fanfiction is a story written in a made-up world or alternate...

Thoughts from a bookworm

Caroline James Warner, Bookworm in-residence April 1, 2024

Dirt. Oh, look, it's the sun. Grass. Steer clear of concrete. Oh no, it's the early bird! People think every day looks the same for me, but I’m not just a worm; I’m a bookworm! And here are my thoughts. I...

Say goodbye to your favorite brews this semester as Clemson downtown coffee shops try to repair the giant loss.

Coffee shortage in Clemson

Anastasia Rozakos, Minion April 1, 2024

If there is one thing that college students can count on, it’s exams and all-nighters. Thankfully, there is one magic elixir that can help it all: coffee. Coffee is the lifeblood of college students....

Despite what Hollywood wants you to believe, most movies are fictional.

Movies: They’re all bad

Thomas Merzlak, General Nuisance April 1, 2024

In my capacity as this publication’s most long-winded film writer, I have viewed several movies over the last few months. I have given many of them glowing reviews, praising their formal sophistication...

Lucky you! These fine young gentlemen could be your uber ride home.

Need a lift? Bro-peds to the rescue

Avery Cock, Lisan al Gaib April 1, 2024

Clemson downtown, you’re in luck this Saturday. All bro-ped owners in Clemson have teamed up with Uber in order to provide easy transportation for all the drunkies this weekend at an exceptionally low...

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