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What needs to be done to mend fences between liberals and conservatives

Have you ever listened to the far, far left get going about race?
I’m a racist, you’re a racist, your goldfish is a racist, and all you republicans and conservatives are racist. You’re probably a racist just for criticizing the Black Lives Matter movement or worse – being okay with Tillman Hall’s name. Liberals across the nation must buy a different brand of thesaurus than the rest of us because they love to use the words conservative and republican as synonyms for the word racist.
Don’t get me started on sexism. The usual rhetoric of the day is, “Oh you don’t like Hillary? You’re a sexist. You just don’t think a woman could do as good a job as a man in The White House, you think women are second class.” That’s wrong. I would not mind at all if we had a woman president, just not this woman.
Look – by no means am I a racist. Definitely not because of my party leanings. Just because I wear boots, loose jeans and am an agriculture major does not mean I hate people of color. That is the mindset that some people on the left on this campus have. They apply the 1% to the rest of the 99%. That is misguided. They use the same mindset when speaking of the police.
They think we are racists just because we don’t believe in paying for someone else’s healthcare and living expenses. It seems to me that there’s a tendency towards dramatics when someone is challenged. They seem to believe that they are right and anyone who doesn’t agree is a minority-hating bigot. Liberals believe that our rights end where their feelings begin.
Peculiarly, I was taught college is about the exact opposite.
It is not about huddling up with your buddies in skinny jeans and creating a “safe space” where no one will get their feelings hurt.
There is a difference between a safe space free of racism and sexism in the workplace and these safe spaces on college campuses that left-wingers desire. College is about learning how to deal with those with opinions and views different than your own. You have to learn that everyone was not brought up with the same values as you, and as a result, they will have different views and opinions. I had to learn this for myself when I first began with this publication, but guess what? I have made some great friends here at The Tiger, despite our differing views on politics and other issues. You cannot go through college thinking that you will always be surrounded with those who cater to the same views as you, that is an ignorant state of mind.
The U.S. has come so far in terms of race relations, and on college campuses you’d be hard pressed to find racial barriers to entry. There might be more work to be done in other areas, but sacrificing our ability to enter into a dialogue based on respect won’t help anybody.
I know that the KKK’s presence on this campus stirred another round of finger-pointing and fear, but it’s important to understand that no one supported their actions. Not republicans. Not even Ag. Majors.
We stand by each other, and you won’t find a soul on this campus who wouldn’t condemn the presence ofthe KKK.
My last message to all those left wing, men hating, pro-“choicing,” liberals out there is to end stop treating racism and republicanism as if they are synonymous.
The history of the Democratic Party, you will find, is far darker than that of republicans. Many forget how most people in the south during the Civil War and many, many years after were democrats, who supported slavery and were slave owners (before the Civil War.) When an anti-lynching bill came through the senate in the 1930’s, post passing in the house, southern democrats filibustered until those in favor of it simply gave up.
The KKK is racist, Republicans are not. The KKK is responsible for the murders of hundreds of black people by lynching, supports institutional racism, segregation and discrimination. None of these are ideals or actions supported by Republicans.
Let’s read a quote from the grandson of Naithanel Bedford Forrest, the first Grand Wizard, published in the 1928 issue of The Klan Kourier: “I have never voted for any man who was not a regular Democrat. My father … never voted for any man who was not a Democrat.”
Times have changed, clearly.
And people do too.
Having discussions about race is important in this nation, but I don’t think that can happen when this vitriolic sector of the left is so busy shouting “racist” at anything that moves. Maybe we’d actually start to make some progress if we brought everybody to the table, instead of scaring so many people off.

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