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A scene overlooking a Charleston waterway.

Patrohay: Charleston’s ‘smart reef’ would not have happened without conservative environmentalists

Evan Patrohay February 17, 2023

Charleston celebrated a huge environmental milestone late last year with the completion of a "smart reef," which will link into a coastal system that simultaneously provides key habitat for aquatic life...

Map of parking on campus

Letter to the Editor: CUSG wants students to pay $300 extra to reserve parking spaces

Geoff Gilson September 27, 2021

The Tiger reports (Sept. 22, 2021) that Clemson Undergraduate Student Senate are considering a parking scheme which is designed to alleviate difficulties for on-campus residential students in finding parking...

As the Delta variant rages across the United States, positive cases and hospitalizations are predominantly among people unvaccinated for COVID-19.

Letter to the Editor: My schooling is at risk because people won’t do the bare minimum

Amanda Fitzwilliam August 13, 2021

I am getting ready to move back down to Clemson. With that being said, unfortunately, Clemson does not have the ability to require masks because of South Carolina law. I would not be shocked if we have...


Letter to the Editor: Prayers for Rock Hill from Rome

Matthew R. Dunnigan April 26, 2021

Dear Editor:  All affected by the tragedy perpetrated by Phillip Adams in Rock Hill are in our thoughts and prayers. "Go to Joseph (Genesis 41:55)." South Carolina, please pray the Litany of...


Letter to the Editor: Clemson Students in Florida

Dr. and Mrs. D. Maglio April 14, 2021

Dear Students and Faculty of Clemson U.,  Two weeks ago we spent a few days at Ft. Lauderdale Beach, FL during spring break. We were in the middle of many, many students who all seemed to be students...

Outlook General Graphic

Letter to the editor: Discontinuing cross country and track is a travesty

Teever Handal, Contributor November 22, 2020

Edit on Dec. 1, 2020: The title of the article was changed from "cross county" to "cross country."I am a Tiger, class of ‘85. Recently I found out from friends on Facebook that Clemson University...

Letter to the editor: Calhoun Honors College should not be renamed

Geoff Gilson, Contributor March 3, 2019

I am a dedicated modern liberal, yet I disagree strongly with the petition to remove the name of Calhoun from the Clemson Honors College. We do absolutely nothing to improve diversity and inclusiveness...

ltte calhoun

Letter to the editor: Removing Calhoun’s name from Clemson’s Honors College

Joseph Mai and Pauline de Tholozany, Clemson Faculty February 24, 2019

We, the undersigned faculty members of Clemson University, are writing to express our support for the students and alumni who are currently requesting the removal of John C. Calhoun’s name from Clemson’s...

Letter to the editor: CUSG Special Referendum

Matt Innocenti & Will Billbrough, Contributors November 13, 2018

Dear Fellow Tigers,Two weeks ago, the Clemson Undergraduate Student Senate passed Senate Bill 18, which was a constitutional amendment to give more powers to you, the Undergraduate Student Body. This amendment...

Letter to the editor: Clemson wrestling club looks to turn varsity

Noah Wright, Contributor November 11, 2018

The Clemson Wrestling program was removed as a varsity sport following the 1994-95 season. While the program had success, cancelling it meant more than losing NCAA championships that our wrestlers brought...

Letter to the Editor: Clemson made right decision in ending balloon release

Bradley Wilkinson, President of Clemson NRGSA August 18, 2018

On behalf of the Natural Resources Graduate Student Association at Clemson University, we would like to commend our institution for the recent decision to discontinue the mass release of balloons at Memorial...

Letter to the Editor: Expressing concerns about Clemson’s social host ordinance

Nick Holman, Freshman Pre-Business major April 10, 2018

I am writing on the behalf of the city ordinace on underage drinking in Clemson. The wording of the ordinance is extremely loose and gives police an extreme amount of freedom as to what is considered illegal...

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