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Mark the Calendar: Three Weird Holidays To Celebrate

Let’s face it; with exams hitting everyone where it hurts most (the GPA), it’s going to be hard finding some time to yourself. With the onslaught of papers and group projects coming at a seemingly never-ending pace, you’ll be hard-pressed to even find time to get an hour or so of sleep every day. Being a college student is essentially a full time occupation, and sometimes even Christmas and Thanksgiving don’t allow enough of a break. But have no fear; there are TONS of obscure holidays out there! Here’s a neat guide on some of the more out there celebrations which can serve as a nice excuse to skip class for a day.

“Kite Flying Day:”

Why someone would decide that the best season to have a day dedicated to kite flying is in the dead of winter is beyond me, but yet here it is! Taking place on Feb 8, this holiday first started in South America where many kite festivals happened around this date. From there it made its way to the rest of the world where kite fanatics took it up with glee. Of course, it probably won’t be as fun for anyone up north with all that snow though.

“Punch Your Neighbor” Festival: 

Roommate not washing their dishes? Classmate not pulling their weight in a group project? Friends failing to understanding the glory of “Chopped?” Well then, do we have the holiday for you! Taking place during the first week of May, this festival originated in ancient Bolivia where the villagers believed that blood shed was beneficial for the oncoming harvests. It continues today, albeit in a much less violent manner, with the event functioning more like a dance with combat-like movements. That being said, it’ll still make a great excuse to “accidentally” uppercut that guy above your room that decides to rearrange his furniture at two in the morning.

“Day of the Geese:” 

If anything, this day would be much more appropriate if it was referred to as

“Geese Fly For Your Freaking Lives Away From Those Maniacs” day. Incorporated into Spain’s Catholic celebrations on Aug 25, this holiday involves what is essentially a game of Greased Watermelon, but with a (thankfully) dead goose. To make things even more challenging, the participants must attempt to decapitate said goose by a strange rope system that is completely controlled by the spectators. Naturally, many animal rights movements haven’t been happy about this event for years, but on the plus side, women have been allowed to enter ever since the event’s creation over 350 years ago.

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