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From the Editor’s Desk: Use Instagram reels instead, for America

David Ferrara, Title-in-Chief March 30, 2023

As congressional leaders, the media and your unhinged uncle talk about banning TikTok to stop the Chinese from spying on us, we all need to do our part to help our nation. But thanks to social media and...

Definitive list on the best and worst places to meet people downtown

Granny Lucifer//News Editor March 30, 2023

Best: Tiger Town Tavern. This is definitively the best place to meet new people downtown. Is it the best place to meet people, period? No. But it’s significantly better than the rest of the places...

Tiger’s Two Cents: April 1st

Granny Lucifer//News Editor Natalie Pecker//Porncaster Editor March 30, 2023

Do you have any advice for what to wear to a spring formal? Spring formals are always so fun! But, they can be a challenge to dress for, especially if it’s hot outside. I would suggest trying to...

Field of dreams: A concrete solution

Kylie Tutterrow, Asst. Outlook Editor March 30, 2023

Clemson University has quite enough natural beauty as is, but a new concrete-based landscape is just what we need. Paving Bowman Field would create an abundance of possibilities that it does not currently...

Image 0 For Clemson changing their mascot?

Clemson finally changing their mascot?

Mayonnaise// Communist March 30, 2023

The Clemson Tiger has been roaring since 1896. That’s almost 127 years of that unbearably bright- and eye-straining orange that consumes the entire campus. It’s time for students to rally for...

Speak Up: Satire

March 30, 2023

How long have you been a student at Clemson University? What advice do you have for incoming students? “I’ve been here for two years, and I love it. I would suggest trying to find a club or...

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