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Heavyweight champion Steve Spurrier preparing for the ring.

Clemson introduces club cockfighting

Mercedes Dubberly, Contributor April 1, 2023

Clemson has reintroduced one of students’ favorite pastimes they didn’t know they had: club cockfighting. For those unfamiliar with the sport, cockfighting places two gamecocks against each...

An artistic rendition of Cobb in his corner. 

Cobb’s Corner: In timeout

Griffin Cobb, Senior Reporter April 1, 2023

Hello loyal readers of Cobb’s Coffee Corner, the premier coffee review column for all Clemson caffeine needs. While we’ve enjoyed nearly a year of biweekly reviews of cafes across town and...

Riff off scene from Pitch Perfect.Variety // Courtesy 

Pentatonix challenge Tigeroar To A ‘Riff Off’

Sydney Smith, Contributor April 1, 2023

After Tigeroar announced their spring show on April 9 with a setlist full of hits from the 2012 cult classic "Pitch Perfect," it caught the attention of popular a cappella group, Pentatonix, which has...

Clemson Marriage Pact today, Clemson Marriage Pact tomorrow, Clemson Marriage Pact forever.

The Husband Games: Clemson Marriage Pact to enforce arranged marriages

Avery Mock, Senior Reporter April 1, 2023

Due to the lack of success that the marriage pact has had in creating long-lasting couples, the matching service has decided to up the stakes. Now, participating students may be randomly chosen to have...

Kelsey Stevens, a sophomore english major (left), and Josh Moore, a junior business major (right), dressed to impress for their 8 a.m.’s.

Viral in the Valley: Powdered wigs are back

Lindsay Kaine, Contributor April 1, 2023

Hold on tight because we are going to party like it's 1779, with powdered wigs making a comeback just in time for summer. That’s right, everyone’s favorite throwback statement piece is back...

Carol Blockasaurus strutting around campus in her spring fit.

Tigs on trend: Spring fits and flops

Sydney Olsen, TimeOut Editor March 30, 2023

Carol Blockasaurus, a freshman AP style major, stuns in this blue ensemble. Dressed for the weather, Blockasaurus clearly feels as good as she looks. Blockasaurus made the daring choice of leggings and...

The view of Old Mains clock face from campus. 

TimeOutside: Outdoor clocks in Clemson area

Alex G Calerney III, Ass Shit Editor March 30, 2023

The Clemson area is known for its wonderful outdoor timepieces, and this week we’ll be taking a look at some of the finest examples of public chronometers in the region. Old Main Clock Tower This...

A digital rendering of what the lost city might have looked like based on the uncovered remains.

Lost city discovered under Dockside

Mercedes Dubberly, Contributor March 30, 2023

Due to a recent spell of flooding among Clemon's off-campus housing options, some of the properties underwent archeological excavation, which led to the uncovering of many terrifying secrets. On spring...

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